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Music To Get Shit-Faced To!

by Steve Newton

...You know that cool rock noise that occurs when a skilled guitarist with a loud amp runs a pick sideways along the neck of his instrument?.  Well, Royal Grand Prix guitarist Rocky Romoli creates that lovely racket most effectively on "Well Oiled Machine", the first tune on the band's 'High Performance'.  That choice snippet of raunch-rock dynamics is inserted directly after an Ace Frehley-type solo, and sets the stage for 15 tracks that blend the vocal banter of the Beastie Boys, the machine-gun rhythms of the Ramones, and the catchy melodies of Urge Overkill.  Lyrically, the group makes rowdy fun of everyone from Doukhobors to cover bands to foulmouthed girlfriends to squeegee people...

The Georgia Straight

One the best live acts on the West Coast

by Denise Sheppard

...There's no denying it, this band is obsessed.  The RGP are four boys made up of two things - gasoline and testosterone.  Pierce them and are they not flammable?  Oh yeah, baby.  Chords coming from their amps that sound like engine revs, song tiles like "Well Oiled Machines", "Full Service" and their live classic "Squeegee Boy" make their intentions crystal  clear.  But enough about their hot rod fixation: the bigger question is does the music hold up?  Hell, yeah!  High Performance is track after track of stomp-along punk rock fun...

Exclaim! Magazine

There's no posing here, just heavy, riff-oriented rock

by William Peyton

...These B.C. boys like their punk thick, crunchy and a little bit silly (see "Scabies," "Damned Cover Band" and "Squeegee Boy" for starters). There's no posing here, just heavy, riff-oriented rock that manages to combine punk's nasty edge with a sort of metallic rockabilly and enough hooks to catch a carp. A perfect party disc....

Canada Campus Magazine

Latest Legacy Headlines
2008-07-22 17:34:10
DRIVING TIPS: Turn Signals
It seems so simple yet it also seems to be beyond some peoples' comprehension...

2008-07-01 17:34:10
DRIVING TIPS... Life in the fast lane?
This lane, unlike it's idiot brother, is not for "cruising" and being stupefied by the brilliant scenery.

2007-06-06 17:34:10
DRIVING TIPS: The Roundabout
I live in Vancouver, the city with the worst drivers in the world second only to Los Angeles...

2005-11-25 17:34:10
Rocky Attempts To Get Rhythm
When asked about his drumming skills, Rocky had this to say, "What are you talking about? I gotta drum?!!....

2004-01-22 17:34:10
DRIVING TIPS: The Merge Idiot
If you can't merge stay off the highways...maybe you should think about getting a sidewalk cart...

2001-07-11 17:34:10
Prix Play Independents Day
'Independents' Day serves up a sonic cocktail of punk, pop, rock, surf, country, blues, rockabilly and everything in between.

2001-02-27 17:34:10
Rocky Romoli Involved in 2nd Vehicle Accident; Collides with Montreal Snowplow.
While visiting in the wind-chilled bawdy streets of Montreal, Rocky Romoli had, yet, another fender bender. "The guy was going the wrong way, again!!", says Romoli, guitarist and lead vocalist for Vancouver based band Royal Grand Prix.

2000-09-23 17:34:10
Prix Ready To Rock Lovonia
While vacationing in the sun on the nude beaches of Lovonia, Rocky Romoli had a fender bender. "The guy was going the wrong way", says Romoli, guitarist and lead vocalist for Vancouver based band Royal Grand Prix.

2000-01-02 17:34:10
Rosie Plays Bass With Show Biz Giants
Rosie Romoli is at it again playing bass with with Tommy, Johnny, Ford, Scott Henderson, Gilbert and Sullivan.

1999-09-19 17:34:10
Prix Announce 'Canadian at Par Tour 99'
The Royal Grand Prix embark southward to California January 20 to begin their 2 week 'Canadian at Par Tour 99'.

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